Creativity, Activity, Service – CAS

The CAS program is a core component of the Diploma program. From a holistic approach, it is designed to reinforce and extend the personal and interpersonal learning that students have done in the PYP and MYP programs.

The objective of CAS is to enable students in grades 11 and 12 to participate in a variety of stimulating and meaningful experiences, to design projects that motivate and encourage them to implement a variety of tools and develop their own skills, thus becoming an important source of personal knowledge for our students through awareness of the world and the various situations that surround them.

The projects developed during this period are:

Lecto Amigos: to encourage the habit of reading by interacting with children from different schools and foundations.

Einstein Teach: Interacting with young children to teach them English in a playful way.

Art Spaces: Encourage creativity through the design of murals in different areas of the school.

Pet Lovers: Raise awareness of animal care through service.

My Personal Brand: Create innovative proposals through marketing strategies.

Special Olympics: Open a door for our students to have a life experience through service.

Think Green: Branded to raise awareness of environmental care.

Einstein Press: Approach communication and journalism from the design of a newspaper to communicate news and important events to the school community.

Incines: Integrate students in pre-professional film and literary creation, from photography, film, among others.