Student Testimonials

Every year our doors open to welcome boys and girls of different ages. Accompanying and guiding them in their learning process allows us to innovate and enhance our academic system. Seeing them grow and develop their own skills and abilities until the day of their graduation has become one of our greatest satisfactions.

I’ve been in Colegio Einstein since kindergarten, since I can remember. It started only being a place, where I went to learn and read, but it became so much more than that. As I grew older, and I’m a year away from graduation, Colegio Alberto Einstein has become a second home to me, where I met my second family, teachers that make me want to push myself, friendships that will last a lifetime  and a community that I can always rely on.

Paula Álvarez:

Class of 2022

Something that I love about my school is the people who are in it: principals, workers, teachers, friends, etc. They are the ones who fill our hearts every day with love, happiness, and learning. Something that I also enjoy about Einstein school are the activities, for example Fiestas de Quito celebrations, Hanukkah, among others because I feel that they prepare it with a lot of love for us. When you arrive at Einstein it feels like your home, your home where your family is who will always support you, it is something truly beautiful.

Rafaela Blanco:

Grade 7