Bienestar emocional para el aprendizaje.

In a joint effort between the Ecuadorian-Canadian Chamber of Commerce, the Tomás Moro, Americano, and Einstein schools, and the support of Corpeducar, every year the Educating for the Future congress is held, which becomes a platform of knowledge for teachers of schools and colleges in the city and the country, where international speakers of the highest level are presented, who with their work and thinking are innovating educational methodologies. In this edition, we are pleased to have the presence of two experts in the academic field: Dr. Roberto Rosler and Dr. Jennifer D. Klein. Dr. Roberto Rosler, who began his professional career as a neurosurgeon graduated with an Honors Diploma from the University of Buenos Aires, and in a twist of fate is currently a professor of neurophysiology, neurosciences, neuroanatomy, neurology, and neurosurgery at various universities and colleges in his native Argentina. Dr. Jennifer D. Klein is an expert in project-based learning who has extensive experience in the implementation of this methodology in different schools and colleges in the United States and Latin America. On February 2, a talk was held for parents of the organizing schools on the importance of sleep in the learning process. On February 3 and 4, the lectures and workshops were held, and we were pleased to welcome colleagues from several schools and colleges in the city.