Einstein Athletic Program

Einstein Athletics aims to provide students with an opportunity to participate and compete in well-organized and professionally conducted sporting events, to provide students with opportunities to grow in sportsmanship, boost their self-esteem, create lasting friendships, and to promote honesty, commitment, courtesy, enthusiasm and discipline as values that are just as important as, or even above, winning.

Athletics in grades 1-6

Gymnastics Program:

Einstein has a recreational and gymnastics program for students in grades 1-6. They participate in the four artistic gymnastics apparatus  : Vault, bars, beam, and floor. Students in the recreational program work on building basic skills on each apparatus, as well as strength and flexibility, while those in the competitive program learn the routines established by USA gymnastics, an organization that is managed worldwide, and participate in competitions with other schools and clubs across Ecuador. In addition to the physical benefits, gymnastics fosters skills and values such as discipline,  perseverance, and teamwork.

Soccer and basketball:

There is no tryout or selection process for soccer and basketball teams in grades 1-6. All students who wish to participate are invited to join.. These activities promote good sportsmanship and the opportunity to learn the rules of the game early in life. Teams are combined boys and girls together. Teams practice two days a week, and participate in friendly matches with other local schools. These sports are organized in the following way:

  • Soccer 1st and 2nd grade
  • Soccer 3rd and 4th grade
  • Soccer 5th and 6th grade
  • Basketball 3rd and 4th grade
  • Basketball 5th and 6th grade

Athletics in grades 7-12:

Athletic teams in grades 7-12 are competitive teams that represent Einstein throughout two seasons in the entire year. Tryouts will be held at the beginning of each season, as a limited number of spots are available for these teams. Players commit to being a part of the team for the entire season.

Sports will be divided into the following seasons during the school year:

Season 1: August-December

  • Boys Varsity and Junior Varsity Volleyball
  • Girls Varsity and Junior Varsity Volleyball
  • Girls Varsity and Junior Varsity Soccer

Season 2: January-May

  • Boys Varsity and Junior Varsity Basketball
  • Girls Varsity and Junior Varsity Basketball
  • Boys Varsity and Junior Varsity Soccer

QISSA, AASSA, and Small School Tournaments:

Einstein School forms part  of two leagues: QISSA and AASSA. The weekly games our teams participate in are for QISSA, and the participating schools are Academia Cotopaxi, Alliance Academy Colegio Americano, and Colegio Menor.

The school’s in the AASSA league are all of the QISSA schools plus Interamerican Academy-Guayaquil. There is one AASSA tournament for each sport, which the Varsity teams compete in.

Junior Varsity teams participate in one tournament per sport, called the JV Invitational, or Small School Tournament. The other schools who participate in this tournament are Academia Cotopaxi, Alliance Academy, and Interamerican Academy, and can also include other schools that the host school chooses.