General Information

El MYP fosters respect for national culture and encourages valuing one’s own identity while at the same time celebrating diversity. In this stage in which adolescents are seeking their own identity and acceptance in their social groups, MYP teachers are planting the seeds for a multifaceted perspective in order to create empathy and inculcate respect for the right to be different incorporating an awareness of local, international and global contexts. 


The Middle Years Programme (MYP) was implemented at Einstein School in 2011. Since then, we have successfully maintained this accreditation for more than 9 years. The MYP is designed for ´´11-16-year-old students of the school, and it provides a learning framework that empowers students to become creative, critical, and reflective thinkers. This transitional stage calls for a program of education that can contribute to the further development of knowledge, attitudes, and skills.


The MYP´s main objective  is to have students use their intellectual and social skills for the benefit of the larger community. To do this, it is fundamental to foster a system of values that will promote altruistic attitudes. In this context, the school becomes a stage for student initiatives and actions.


As more in-depth studies are carried out within the disciplines, students become more aware of the interrelationships. Students thus recognize the connections between subjects in their curriculum and the world around them. The interdisciplinary projects and common perspectives, achieved through the Global Contexts, allow students to achieve an integrated view of knowledge. 

Einstein School instills in students a genuine interest in finding solutions to real problems. Through research projects that invite reflection, MYP teachers incorporate the Global Contexts that prepare students for two culminating projects in the final two years of the programme. The student’s level of achievement is assessed with MYP Criteria for each subject. 

In Grade 8 students embark on a Community Project that is geared towards developing an awareness of the different needs in their surrounding communities. It allows them to carry out in-depth research and apply the skills learned through Approaches to Learning. 

In Grade 10, the final MYP year, students have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge grounded in the disciplines and the skills attained in the MYP through the Personal Project, an independent study based on students’ own interests.