Día Internacional por los Derechos de la Mujer

In 1977, the United Nations proclaimed it as International Women's Rights Day. Since then, every March 8, we commemorate the hundreds of women throughout history who have never stopped fighting for the rights of all women. It has been a long history of struggle for gender equality and the recognition of women's rights around the world. International Women's Day is an opportunity to remember the importance of gender equality and to reflect on the advances and challenges still facing women around the world. In many countries, women continue to face discrimination, violence and inequality in access to education, employment and political participation. That is why this date is a reminder of the need to continue working to ensure women's rights and gender equality. This day is also an opportunity to honor the contribution of women in society, those who have left an indelible mark on history. It is a day to celebrate the diversity and strength of women in all their forms. March 8 reminds us of the importance of continuing to build a society that is more inclusive of diversity. We recognize the women who make up the Einstein family, we are proud of their example as mothers and professionals, and we are grateful for their daily work.