Producciones y Actividades

Event and Activities Planner

In our school, various events and programs are held throughout the year, many of them are held every year: National Physics Contest, Model United Nations, Ana Frank Intercollegiate Essay Contest, Einstein Family Day, Under-6 World Cultural Diversity Day. These have given a special feature to the name of our school nationwide. The Jewish celebrations: Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year), Hanukkah, Purim (Feast of Joy), Independence of the State of Israel, which are leaving their mark on the heart of our student community. The celebrations such as: All Souls Day Celebration, Founding of Quito, Let it Shine Concert, Primary and Secondary Concert, which, with the creativity of teachers, students and parents surprise us every year. There will always be a sponsor: the teacher, students, parents, or other staff members. They will be in charge of presenting your proposal, which will be specifically and duly approved. This will be the starting point to start organizing, based on the type of event, those responsible for the event, date to be held, guests, logistics, resources, among others. María Susana Miño -