Preparación SAT  

Dear Eleventh-Grade (2BGU) Students and Parents: We are writing to offer you a follow-up OPTIMUM module, which will begin on August 20th and end on October 3rd, just before the October 5th official SAT that many seniors will be taking.

Since the 2013-2014 school year, with academic and logistical support from the Albert Einstein Educational Foundation, we have been offering SAT test prep classes to students interested in doing their undergraduate studies at foreign universities that require standardized-test scores. Sometimes students want or need to complement the basic course with additional review and practice sessions. This new module is designed for that purpose, with 20 hours of math and another 18 hours of verbal (reading/writing/essay) classes under the guidance of experienced teachers and supervisors. In addition to four hours of formal instruction per week, this course includes one full-scale practice test, following which students and parents can benefit not only from quantitative scores but also from qualitative analyses and recommendations.

The total cost for the 42-hour program is $800, and for only one section (math or verbal) it would be $500. This amount includes the following:

  • Printed and/or digital materials
  • Snacks
  • One make-up classes for each section

Fees for the classes must be paid directly through the Einstein School bursar’s office (“Colecturía”), by check, bank transfer or credit card. Registration for the classes will open on May 22nd and close on August 16th.

We are certain that our classes will help students make a difference in their college application profiles, and we look forward to supporting them in their aspiration to study abroad. If you are interested in taking advantage of this next module or would like to request further information, please contact us at either of the following email addresses: or

Date Day Hours Subject Schedule
20-Aug-19 Tue 2 Math 4:15-6:15
22-Aug-19 Thu 2 Verbal 4:15-6:15
24-Aug-19 Sat 2 Math 4:15-6:15
27-Aug-19 Tue 2 Math 4:15-6:15
29-Aug-19 Thu 2 Verbal 4:15-6:15
31-Aug-19 Sat 2 Verbal 4:15-6:15
3-Sep-19 Tue 2 Math 4:15-6:15
5-Sep-19 Thu 2 Verbal 4:15-6:15
7-Sep-19 Sat 2 Math 4:15-6:15
10-Sep-19 Tue 2 Math 4:15-6:15
12-Sep-19 Thu 4 Verbal 4:15-6:15
14-Sep-19 Sat 2 Verbal 4:15-6:15
17-Sep-19 Tue 2 Math 4:15-6:15
19-Sep-19 Thu 2 Verbal 4:15-6:15
21-Sep-19 Sat 4 Test 8:15-12:15
24-Sep-19 Tue 2 Math 4:15-6:15
26-Sep-19 Thu 2 Verbal 4:15-6:15
28-Sep-19 Sat 2 Math 4:15-6:15
1-Oct-19 Tue 2 Math 4:15-6:15
3-Oct-19 Thu 2 Verbal 4:15-6:15

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Edwin Lapuerta
Math Section Coordinator

Barbara Sipe
Verbal Sections Coordinator /


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